Our Tech Scene

According to a new report by CONNECT, from 2011 to 2015, the average number of startups in San Diego grew to 382 per year.  screen-shot-2016-09-22-at-3-33-00-pmIn 2015 there were 1,650 total start up jobs created with 104 VC deals closed at approximately $1.2 billion.  More than $31 billion in technology and life science M&A deals were closed in 2015 where the target or buyer was a San Diego company – up 16% from 2014.  $185 million was the average deal size.

So how do you get involved in the SD Tech Community?  Here are some ideas for you:

Follow Startups on Social Media. These groups have active pages and many regular discussions.  You can find local events, learn about companies hiring, or even meet some other members for coffee.

Attend Startup Events

  • You can pretty much find an event any day of the week in San Diego that target entrepreneurs and startups. Below are some links to find the best events:
  • Local co-working spaces hold regular events as well.
  • Deskhub’s events can be a good opportunity to connect with other tenants and their guests.

Find a good meetup group

  • Go to meetup.com and search “startup” in San Diego metro and you’ll find dozens you can join.

With all the options, you can surely find your niche or spot in this booming San Diego Tech Market!

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